Playing Outdoors: Dog walks with the Mothership

One of my favourite things about visiting my parents at my childhood home (after seeing my parents, obviously!) is seeing their dog Purdey. She’s  a ridiculous, loving springer spaniel who regularly finds herself as my Instagram spam.

Kirk Smeaton 2

Last time I visited we got up early and had a walk around my childhood village. I definitely appreciate this place more as an adult. As a child/teenager I was endlessly frustrated at how in the middle of nowhere it was and how tricky it was to see my friends at the weekends/after school. The bus service certainly left something to be desired.

Mum & Dog 1

Kirk Smeaton Church 1

The river running through the village had daffodils beside which I couldn’t resist taking photos of. I may be obsessed with these flowers. The rest are snapshots of the little village at 8am on a Friday morning.

Kirk Smeaton 1

Little Smeaton 1

Much as I love the place, I really do prefer living somewhere slightly less remote! Which do you prefer?

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