4 Highlights: April 2015

April Daffodils

April is such a lovely month. It finally feels like Spring is on it’s way. Whilst it’s not quite warm enough for me to brave bare legs just yet, it’s definitely nice to wear a lighter jacket rather than my vast Winter parka.

My highlights for this month are definitely helped along by the wonderful 2 weeks Easter holidays I had. They were much needed and very enjoyed.

1: Easter Holidays.

The couple of weeks I had off were fantastic. I managed to cram in a couple of trips away, to Northumberland and to my parents. It was also nice to have some time to recharge my batteries. The fact that I was told by my consultant I need to start a gluten free diet was also helped by having the time off. I was able to get my head around what I can and cannot eat now and experiment with my new diet. Visiting the Good Food show again was also a definite highlight!

2: Camping.

I honestly never thought this would be the case but I really enjoyed our camping trip over the Easter bank holiday weekend. Roll on many more of these!

3: Daffodils

I’ve been making the most of my love/obsession with these flowers this month. My house has constantly had at least one vase of these in all month (it’d be rude not to when they’re such a bargain!) I even managed a trip 0ut based on the promise of seeing daffodils! Driving past clumps of them on my way to and from work brightens my day and puts a smile on my face. They remind me of how important it is to appreciate the little things in life more.

4: Wedding shoes/Bridesmaid dresses.

I found THE SHOES this week! They’re a super cute t-bar style that I can wear again. This was important to me as I wanted shoes that were suitably wedding-y but no so much so that they’d never see the light of day after the wedding itself. These bad boys definitely fit the bill.

I also found my bridesmaid dresses.  After starting to panic that I wouldn’t find anything in the green shade I’d set my heart on I stumbled across the dream ones in Phase Eight. They were an absolute bargain, and can be worn again by the girls without them looking like bridesmaids. Most importantly they both look incredible in them!

What’s been making your April brilliant?

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