101 in 1001 April 2015 Update

Northumberland Days Out 5

I’ve been continuing with my 101 in 1001 challenge.

Here’s what I’ve managed to cross off my list during March and April:

 March 2015

83. Go to the ballet. 7.3.15

I went to see the Royal Northern Ballet performance of Romeo & Juliet with my mum. As 29th birthday presents go, this was pretty great. It was beautiful and emotional and thoroughly enjoyable.

100. Visit the theatre. 13.3.15

I went to watch DV8’s performance of John at the Grand theatre in Blackpool with my friend Sara. It was my first experience of physical theatre and definitely a memorable one (there may have been a few too many full frontals of the male cast for my liking though!) 

April 2015

39. Go to the cinema. 1.4.15 

Jonny and I went to the cinema with a (much younger) friend. We chose to see Get Hard, it seemed like the best offering out of a bad bunch. It made me laugh in parts but I won’t be rushing to watch it again.

10. Go camping. 4.4.15-7.4.15

We spent the Easter bank holiday weekend camping with friends at Haltwhistle and exploring the surrounding areas. It was lovely and something we’ll certainly be doing more of.

40. Turn off phone for 24 hours. 5.4.15

As a result of the camping trip, this one was easier than anticipated. I think I only accessed social networking sites once during the 4 day trip. It was so lovely not feeling like I needed to be seeing what the rest of the world was up to, I could just enjoy what I was getting up to in my life. I really need to switch off more often.

77. Visit somewhere never been before. 6.4.15

During our little trip away we visited Bamburgh Castle. It’s somewhere neither of us had visited before and definitely surpassed both of our expectations. The castle itself was fantastic, and the surrounding area and beach views from it were incredible. We’re planning to return to the area in the future, tent in tow!

See my previous progress with the challenge here.

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