Gluten Free Fun Times

Gluten Free Fun Times

At the start of this month I had a visit to see my consultant at hospital. Long story short my health hasn’t been great over the past year. I’ve had ridiculously low energy levels, amongst other issues. After a series of blood tests, cameras down my throat (gross) and resultant biopsies I was told I really should try a gluten free month as he suspected I had coeliac disease.

Coeliac disease basically means the body cannot process foods which contain gluten (which can be found in wheat, barley and rye) and instead of taking the nutrients out of food the body instead attacks the stomach lining.

I also have a family history of the disease which was really useful when I was told to change my diet as I was able to contact them about which food products were good/which to avoid!

The downside to the change in diet is how stupidly expensive gluten free food is. I’m now one of those guys hanging out in the free from aisle, religiously reading ingredients lists to check they’re OK for me to eat. The longer I practise the diet, the easier it’s becoming. I’m slowly discovering which gluten free foods are nice and which really just taste like hamster bedding!

The upside is that I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels and general wellbeing. As a result of having more energy, I’m feeling more positive and the little things that used to niggle me don’t seem like such major issues.

Yes it’s a pain in the arse when I go out (I now carry my own back up lunch in case the menu isn’t gluten free) but this is a small price to pay for feeling so much better in myself.

I have a new found respect for anyone living with Coeliac disease. Cheers to the gluten free fun times!


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