2 Photos: Clitheroe Castle

Clitheroe Castle January 2016

Every time I see the place name Clitheroe written down I read Clit Hero. I’m essentially a teenage boy in a 30 year old woman’s body. Sorry Mum.

Anyway, Jonny and I decided to have a little day out to make the most of his last day of holiday (he’s back in work tomorrow, whilst I’ve still got until Monday. Teacher perks.) We drove down to Clitheroe and had a potter around the little shops before a wander around the castle.

I had done zero research before hand so hadn’t realised that the castle museum is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can, however, still wander around the old keep so all was not lost. If I’m totally honest, it’s getting to go inside the castle that I was most looking forward to anyway.

Pendle Hill View Jan 2016

It’s a teeny little keep on the top of a small hill in the centre of town. The views from the keep are beautiful, especially those across to Pendle Hill.

I feel like I have visited Clitheroe before as a child but not that I can remember. It’s always nice to explore somewhere I haven’t been before, especially when there’s a castle involved. Now to plot our next mini adventure (with a little more research to avoid closed attractions!)

The Simple Things


Living in the sticks wins sometimes. All those times when the internet is dead (again) aside; it isn’t half bad.

This Saturday we had lovely friends and our godsons up to visit. Rather than spending a fortune finding a zoo, or petting farm for entertainment we took them out for a walk.

Our little village has a lovely walk down to the beautiful Crook of Lune.

We walked, paddled in the river, threw tennis balls for a stranger’s overly friendly spaniel, poked a dead frog with a stick and hunted for sandpiper nest holes in the banking alongside the river.

I chatted to Jonny’s 7 year old godson about everything from his new class at school to his Lego castle set up to imitate Jack and the Beanstalk. It made me a little sad that I’m not teaching the Year 3 cuties in September. Although once I’m back in with my Year 6 bunch next month I’m sure I’ll be more than happy that I’ve got them instead!

Sometimes the simplest days out are the best. What do you think? Can you recommend any other similar days out in the North of England?

Playing Outdoors: January 2016

January has been fairly busy so far. I’ve just started a Middle Leadership Course at work, which is great, but a little time consuming! Planning a wedding and working full time are certainly keeping me out of trouble!

We have, however, managed to squeeze in a couple of walks. One just pottering around from our village to the Crook of Lune and one slightly further afield, up to Latrigg by Keswick.

I bloody love that we live so near the Lake District, it’s such a beautiful place. More so when it’s snowing like it was when we paid a visit. Here are a couple of shots of our ramblings:

 Crook Of Lune 1 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 2 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 3 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 4 Jan 2016

The shot of me with trees above my head shows the level the water rose to in the flooding last month! There is tangled grass/general junk all along the side of the River Lune up at a crazy level. It’s hard to imagine the water being so high above its usual level.

Latrigg 2 Jan 2016

Latrigg 3 Jan 2016

Latrigg 1 Jan 2016

Latrigg 4 Jan 2016

Also to whoever made the snow cat, you are brilliant!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for walks around the North West, I’m always keen to see new places!

Playing Outdoors: Dog walks with the Mothership

One of my favourite things about visiting my parents at my childhood home (after seeing my parents, obviously!) is seeing their dog Purdey. She’s  a ridiculous, loving springer spaniel who regularly finds herself as my Instagram spam.

Kirk Smeaton 2

Last time I visited we got up early and had a walk around my childhood village. I definitely appreciate this place more as an adult. As a child/teenager I was endlessly frustrated at how in the middle of nowhere it was and how tricky it was to see my friends at the weekends/after school. The bus service certainly left something to be desired.

Mum & Dog 1

Kirk Smeaton Church 1

The river running through the village had daffodils beside which I couldn’t resist taking photos of. I may be obsessed with these flowers. The rest are snapshots of the little village at 8am on a Friday morning.

Kirk Smeaton 1

Little Smeaton 1

Much as I love the place, I really do prefer living somewhere slightly less remote! Which do you prefer?