Playing Outdoors: January 2016

January has been fairly busy so far. I’ve just started a Middle Leadership Course at work, which is great, but a little time consuming! Planning a wedding and working full time are certainly keeping me out of trouble!

We have, however, managed to squeeze in a couple of walks. One just pottering around from our village to the Crook of Lune and one slightly further afield, up to Latrigg by Keswick.

I bloody love that we live so near the Lake District, it’s such a beautiful place. More so when it’s snowing like it was when we paid a visit. Here are a couple of shots of our ramblings:

 Crook Of Lune 1 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 2 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 3 Jan 2016

Crook Of Lune 4 Jan 2016

The shot of me with trees above my head shows the level the water rose to in the flooding last month! There is tangled grass/general junk all along the side of the River Lune up at a crazy level. It’s hard to imagine the water being so high above its usual level.

Latrigg 2 Jan 2016

Latrigg 3 Jan 2016

Latrigg 1 Jan 2016

Latrigg 4 Jan 2016

Also to whoever made the snow cat, you are brilliant!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for walks around the North West, I’m always keen to see new places!

4 thoughts on “Playing Outdoors: January 2016”

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the snow angel and the snow cat. Have you ever done the Morecambe bay walk? The one with the Queen’s guide. Think that would be interesting. we recently went to Formby and also Crosby Beach which were fun. Might not be enough hills for you though. 🙂


    1. I’ve not done the Morecambe Bay walk, it’s only 15 minutes from my house to Morecambe too so that’d be super handy! I’ll have to do some research! Thank you 🙂


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