Why Voting Is Important To Me.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know that tomorrow is polling day in the UK. It’s rolled around again to that time where we actual get a say in who is running our country.

I feel that this is such an important thing to do. As citizens living here I feel we should definitely exercise our right to vote. Not just because a century ago brave women were campaigning so we can do so now, but because it’s our country. Our future.

Talking to a friend this weekend I heard (not for the first time) that she didn’t feel any of the major parties had her best interests at heart. Being the big geek that I am, I urged her online to read their manifestos. I also suggested that rather than not vote at all tomorrow she still visit her polling station and spoil her vote. By doing so she’ll still be having her say.

We should definitely, definitely vote. Even if we go and just spoil the ballot paper. I feel that if you don’t make the effort to do that, then you shouldn’t really be allowed to rant and moan when the government aren’t doing exactly as you hoped.

I work with someone who is refusing to vote at all and this really frustrates me as I know they’ll be one of the first to complain when it doesn’t turn out as they would have liked.

So, please, please go out tomorrow and use your vote.

Fingers crossed the next government helps make our world that little bit better for everyone (and from a purely selfish stand point, for 20-30 somethings!)

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