Bank Holiday Weekend

DVD Weekend

I love that we have Bank Holiday weekends. 3 days off work can’t help but make you smile.

Unfortunately for me, Jonny was away all last weekend leading a gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition in Snowdonia so I was left to entertain myself!

I spent my weekend catching up with friends. Dinner on Friday with a lovely ex-colleague catching up and generally setting the world to rights was followed by a Saturday/Sunday sleepover with one of my university friends (and chief bridesmaid!)

It was lovely to spend 2 days relaxing, chatting and watching trashy historical films. Elizabeth, anyone? The rubbish weather on Saturday and Sunday felt like it made our laziness justified. Nobody wants to play in the rain when there’s a cosy living room and plenty of tea on offer instead!

Sometimes weekends like this where you don’t have to do a lot are the best ones. Especially when you spend that nothing time with like-minded individuals. Soppy as it sounds, I really am lucky to have the wonderful friends that I do.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend?

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