3 Years!

Team Huck

Today marks 3 years of Jonny and I officially being a couple. We’ve known each other for almost 11 years and the past 3 have definitely been the best of those!

Being friends for so long before we became a couple made the whole transitioning into a relationship ridiculously easy. We knew all about our respective relationship histories thus avoiding any awkward chats and we completely skipped the strained/on your best behaviour early dating stage. Which was brilliant.

I know I’m not the perfect girlfriend/fiancee/partner in the world, nor is Jonny the perfect boyfriend/fiance/partner. But this is why we work. We’re both fully aware of each others’ flaws; each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Jonny supports me through everything (which over the past 18 months has been no mean feat!) He is a genuine, warm and loving man (although most of his friends would say it is his love of toilet humour that is his most defining feature!)

I love him for who he is. There’s no point trying to change the person you are with. If you’re not fully comfortable with each other it’s not going to work. Our relationship reached new comfortable levels recently when I discussed my (newly improved gluten free) digestive habits with him. Over dinner. I can honestly say there’s nobody else in the world I would have felt able to be so honest with.

The photo above is from our engagement shoot (offered free from our photographer; we didn’t ask for it!) and I love it. It sparked this discussion between my brother and I on Facebook:

Ben: Jonny just looks like your carer.

Me: That’s essentially what he  is.

Ben: For life.

Fortunately for me I’m still as loved up as I was in 2012 and I cannot wait for our wedding next April. Spending the rest of my life with this man is something I’m seriously looking forward to.

Please feel free to go and vomit now.

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