Our New Garden

We moved into our new house in April, and since then have been pleasantly surprised by the constant new arrivals in the garden! The house is rented from my Grandad and his hard work over the years has definitely paid off. The garden has a host of plants and flowers already in it, all we need to do now is tidy up the seriously overgrown borders. My absolute favourites at the moment are the beautiful roses we have running alongside our house. I even got stopped by a little old man to tell me that he loves the roses and it’s a highlight of his day when he walks his dog past them to smell the flowers! Too. Cute.

Roses 1Roses 2Roses 3Roses 4


Vintage Purchases: Lancaster Town Hall

I love a good vintage purchase. Even more so when they’re the result of wandering around a lovely vintage fair or festival! Last month we went to a vintage fair in Lancaster Town Hall and I returned with a couple of new items. The first was a fantastic fish print coral jacket which I am in LOVE with! It is comfy, flowy and makes a jeans and t-shirt combo look more exciting!

Vintage Purchases 1

Vintage Purchases 2

The second buy was technically a treat from Jonny. It’s a 1960s glass pearl and Czech beaded necklace which helpfully goes with almost every item in my wardrobe!

Vintage Purchases 3

I’m now looking forward to September when the Vintage Festival is returning to the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Last year it was brilliant and I left laden down with a selection of house wares! Fingers crossed this year’s is as productive!

14km Moonlight Walk

Last weekend I walked 14km in the middle of the night. I’m especially proud of myself for this, mainly because I was raising money for a really worthwhile cause, St John’s Hospice. St John’s is our local hospice and they rely heavily on sponsorship and donations to continue providing their wonderful services!

Moonlight Walk 2014

I signed up with a group of ladies from work and we set off on our walk at midnight. It was a gorgeous evening, the rain held off and we enjoyed a peaceful wander around the Lancaster and Morecambe area. Walking along the prom in Morecambe at 1.30am was particularly striking and beautiful.

Upon finishing the 14km we were awarded with a pink medal to show for our efforts.  I will definitely be signing up to do it again next year, although I think I’ll be walking a bit faster to improve on this year’s time.

Playing Outdoors: Red Bank Farm

After a lazy breakfast at the lovely Archer’s Cafe at Red Bank Farm this weekend we went for a wander along the nearby beach/mud flats/salt marsh! It gave me another chance to try out my brilliant wellies and, of course, to play in the sea. The weather was incredibly blustery, leaving me in a big grump when I couldn’t see properly whilst we walked in one direction. Despite behaving like a spoilt child I managed to find plenty of crab exo-skeletons to keep me entertained. There’s something about animal skeletons that you find outside that genuinely fascinates me. The most random spot of the day, however, was just how many ladybirds there were. Hundreds of the little ones were scattered in among the patches of vegetation growing throughout the flats. Some of them engaging in more risque outdoor pursuits than we were willing to risk that day!

Red Bank Farm 1Red Bank Farm 2Red Bank Farm 5Red Bank Farm 4Red Bank Farm 3