Playing Outdoors: Red Bank Farm

After a lazy breakfast at the lovely Archer’s Cafe at Red Bank Farm this weekend we went for a wander along the nearby beach/mud flats/salt marsh! It gave me another chance to try out my brilliant wellies and, of course, to play in the sea. The weather was incredibly blustery, leaving me in a big grump when I couldn’t see properly whilst we walked in one direction. Despite behaving like a spoilt child I managed to find plenty of crab exo-skeletons to keep me entertained. There’s something about animal skeletons that you find outside that genuinely fascinates me. The most random spot of the day, however, was just how many ladybirds there were. Hundreds of the little ones were scattered in among the patches of vegetation growing throughout the flats. Some of them engaging in more risque outdoor pursuits than we were willing to risk that day!

Red Bank Farm 1Red Bank Farm 2Red Bank Farm 5Red Bank Farm 4Red Bank Farm 3

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