Playing Outdoors: Clougha Pike

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would spend a chunk of my weekend climbing a hill (and actually enjoying it) I’d have laughed in your face and, most probably, judged you heavily for not knowing me at all. Yet last Saturday I found myself scaling Clougha Pike with Jonny. The whole expedition only took us 2 1/2 hours but I definitely felt the burn the next day!

Clougha Summit

The weather managed to stay fine for us, which was lucky considering the incredibly boggy nature of a stretch of the ascent! We drove to Jubilee Tower, parked up and started our trek. Aside from a few disinterested sheep, we had the hillside to ourselves. During the course of the ascent I learnt two things; 1 – ALWAYS pack tissues on a walk (the prospect of a one-finger-to-the-side-of-the-nose nose blow just wasn’t cutting it for me!) and 2 – I am nowhere near as fit as I thought I was! Jonny assures me that my ‘walking fitness’ will improve with more practise, but I’m not sure if that’s a ruse to make me walk more or not!

Clougha Rebecca

We saw a range of wildlife, ranging from ringed plovers and partridges to caterpillars that resembled huge bushy eyebrows. I need some serious photography practise to get some good shots in future though, that or stick my gorilla pod in the rucksack to avoid wind-swept shaking attempts at capturing wandering birds.

Clougha Ringed PloverClougha Hairy Caterpillar

Just the thought of spending time walking, for pleasure, is something I seriously used to scoff at. Now I’m the proud (not so sure if I am proud of this yet) owner of an actual grown up waterproof, a wind proof padded jacket and walking boots. Not to mention the waterproof socks and buff I purchased after the walk. I am now one of those people I used to mock heavily. Part of me (and it’s a growing part) thinks this might not actually be a bad thing!

Mary Berry Fan-girling

 Mary.Berry.1 (1)

At the end of April my lovely Mum treated me to a trip to the Good Food Show in Harrogate! As part of the day we got to watch my cooking idol Mary Berry demonstrating in the supertheatre.

We arrived super early and were lucky enough to get to see Mary opening the show. Being in the front row meant I was treated to a bake-off wink from the lady herself as well!


The show itself was fantastic (if a little hectic towards the afternoon.) There was plenty of opportunity to taste and sample along the way, which we took full advantage of! Our final purchases included elderflower gin, venison salami and delicious Yorkshire baked pies.


The highlight, however, was watching Mary Berry from the second row in the supertheatre. She put on a genuinely hilarious show and made two dishes from her latest cook book. One of which, the meditteranean vegetable salmon en croute, looked so good that I made it for dinner the following day!

Mary Berry 4

It was one of those occasions where you genuinely impress yourself with your cooking. I honestly felt like a little bit of a domestic goddess! The salmon definitely tasted better than it looked (turns out my pastry-based art skills are somewhat limited!)


Halfway there…


Chapel Shadow Portrait (1)

Here we go, it’s taken a lot of courage to put myself out here, for my words to be heard on the internet. I felt it was time to share my life in a new, creative manner; by writing a blog. My own little patch of the internet. I’ve been a long time reader of blogs and have regularly felt myself inspired to try out new projects, bake new recipes and generally challenge the way I look at life. The dream is to join the ranks of these inspirational ladies.

It’s a time of lots of changes in my life; I’ve recently moved into a new home and I’m currently in the process of a complete career change! I want blogging to become a part of this new stage of my life, to document my life and what I’ve been up to.

Within this blog you can expect to see items I’ve created, (by a range of creative means!) an insight into my life and what makes me happy, and general random thoughts that I want to share with the world.

I hope you enjoy reading!