Unfinished Projects

I genuinely love crafting and the chance to be creative. My favourite means of making things are knitting and sewing (with my trusty button covered sewing machine!) I tend to be one of those crafters who gets caught up in the excitement of starting a new creation. As a result I constantly seem to have a never-ending pile of projects!

My current work-in-progress pile consists of:

Pink floral sleeveless shift top. In need of some finishing off stitching around the neck and arms.

Floral Top 1Map print wrap skirt. Again in need of finishing off stitching around the waistband. It’s always the hand stitching that grinds me to a halt on these projects!Map Skirt 1

Coral garter stitch jumper (in beautiful, soft Bergere wool.) Needs hand stitching together.Garter Jumper 1Blue baby jacket. We have 3 friends having babies this year. This is the first of the hand made gifts the little ones.

Baby Jacket 1Purple and cream striped Breton jumper. This is in a gorgeous soft cotton, but feels a bit like the never ending story of knitting after I whizzed through my coral jumper on 9mm needles!Breton 1Blueprint skit. All cut out and ready to go. This’ll be an easy, elastic waist skirt once it’s complete.Blue Print 1The dream is that all these will be finished by the end of October so I can start on my next wish list of projects!


4 Highlights: June 2014

I’ve decided that in my pursuit of a happier life, I’m going to make a list at the end of each month of my 4 highlights. Events that have been really enjoyable, stood out or just made me happy!

Here are my 4 highlights for June:

1: The Fledglings

Having Peter and Fledgey learning how to be grown up birds in our garden was a real privilege. I definitely miss this funny little faces now they’ve flown away to pastures new!

2: Report Writing Finished

I’ve finished what might potentially be my last ever set of school reports. This is a huge relief and something I will definitely not miss about my teaching career!

3: Moonlight Walk

Completing the 14km walk for St John’s Hospice is something I am very proud of. A few years back I would not have even contemplated walking that far, let alone enjoying it!

4: A Family Wedding

Spending last weekend celebrating Katie and Dominic’s wedding with Jonny’s family was a wonderful way to round off June!

Feldglings 7

Vintage Purchases: Lancaster Town Hall

I love a good vintage purchase. Even more so when they’re the result of wandering around a lovely vintage fair or festival! Last month we went to a vintage fair in Lancaster Town Hall and I returned with a couple of new items. The first was a fantastic fish print coral jacket which I am in LOVE with! It is comfy, flowy and makes a jeans and t-shirt combo look more exciting!

Vintage Purchases 1

Vintage Purchases 2

The second buy was technically a treat from Jonny. It’s a 1960s glass pearl and Czech beaded necklace which helpfully goes with almost every item in my wardrobe!

Vintage Purchases 3

I’m now looking forward to September when the Vintage Festival is returning to the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Last year it was brilliant and I left laden down with a selection of house wares! Fingers crossed this year’s is as productive!

14km Moonlight Walk

Last weekend I walked 14km in the middle of the night. I’m especially proud of myself for this, mainly because I was raising money for a really worthwhile cause, St John’s Hospice. St John’s is our local hospice and they rely heavily on sponsorship and donations to continue providing their wonderful services!

Moonlight Walk 2014

I signed up with a group of ladies from work and we set off on our walk at midnight. It was a gorgeous evening, the rain held off and we enjoyed a peaceful wander around the Lancaster and Morecambe area. Walking along the prom in Morecambe at 1.30am was particularly striking and beautiful.

Upon finishing the 14km we were awarded with a pink medal to show for our efforts.  I will definitely be signing up to do it again next year, although I think I’ll be walking a bit faster to improve on this year’s time.