4 Highlights: June 2014

I’ve decided that in my pursuit of a happier life, I’m going to make a list at the end of each month of my 4 highlights. Events that have been really enjoyable, stood out or just made me happy!

Here are my 4 highlights for June:

1: The Fledglings

Having Peter and Fledgey learning how to be grown up birds in our garden was a real privilege. I definitely miss this funny little faces now they’ve flown away to pastures new!

2: Report Writing Finished

I’ve finished what might potentially be my last ever set of school reports. This is a huge relief and something I will definitely not miss about my teaching career!

3: Moonlight Walk

Completing the 14km walk for St John’s Hospice is something I am very proud of. A few years back I would not have even contemplated walking that far, let alone enjoying it!

4: A Family Wedding

Spending last weekend celebrating Katie and Dominic’s wedding with Jonny’s family was a wonderful way to round off June!

Feldglings 7

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