4 Highlights: March 2015

Daffodil March

When I sat down to write this post I didn’t think that a lot had happened in March. Then I looked back through my diary (turns out some things that I thought were February actually happened this month!) So here are my 4 highlights for this month (also, how is it the end of March already?!)

1: Finding the dress!!

I found my wedding dress this month. Just thinking about it makes me ridiculously girlie and excited. It met with the mothership’s approval and we’re now planning some customisation of it! I managed to find it on the high street, thus saving a small fortune  and meaning we’re not scared to take a needle and thread to make it unique to me! It’s now covered and hanging safely in my childhood wardrobe at my parents’ house. Previously it had been laid carefully out in our spare room with Jonny instructed not to enter into the room for fear of death!

2: Family meet up.

We went to a wedding fair last weekend at our beautiful reception venue and took the opportunity to organise a weekend when both sets of parents could meet up/get to know each other. I can’t think of anything worse than them being strangers on our wedding day. Thankfully it all went well and everyone got on (I think that the Saturday night wine might have helped this along…)

3: Romeo & Juliet ballet.

Every year my mum and I head to Leeds for the Royal Northern ballet’s annual March performance. As my birthday is in February this is always a birthday present. We made a day of it this year, with shopping and lunch in Leeds before heading to the show. It was incredible and made me cry. The end of Romeo & Juliet does this to me no matter how many times or ways I see it performed. What can I say, I’m a bit of an emotional wimp.

4: Daffodil based day out.

This weekend we went on a day out fuelled completely by my love of daffodils! We went to the National Trust properties Acorn Bank and Sizergh Castle, both of which were said to have daffodils in abundance at this time of year and we weren’t disappointed. Jonny got to learn about a restored water wheel powered mill so it wasn’t all too flower based!

What have you been up to this month?

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