Yes to the Easter holidays!

Vintage Sewing Machine

I’m essentially an overgrown child at this time of year. I love the end of term. The prospect of the clocks going forward tomorrow night and getting a little more sunshine in the evening is something I cannot wait for.

The past month has been full on work wise. Lots of stupid paperwork (the part of the job I enjoy least) but a phone call to a friend last night helped me put things into perspective.

Everyone has days when they hate their job, when they’re exhausted and want to quit. Everyone feels overwhelmed and like they’re failing at times. And this is OK. It is completely and utterly fine. I definitely need to stop beating myself up quite so much when things aren’t so rose-tinted as I’d like them to be.

I’m healthy, and have a job and a wonderful set of family and friends. And I have a rather lovely man who buys me yellow roses to cheer me up because he knows how much I love them.

So, yeah, sometimes life is a bit shit. But for now, I’m looking forward to Easter and camping in Northumberland. That and having 2 full weeks off work to recharge my batteries.

2 thoughts on “Yes to the Easter holidays!”

  1. Oh boy do I relate to this. I’m already (first day of the Easter holidays) starting to count the days till the summer break! Is it bad that we wish our lives away in a constant countdown to our next school holiday?!


    1. I know that I’ll be starting the countdown as soon as I’m back at school! I’m currently loving that it’s a holiday Sunday (best Sundays of the year!)


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