Teenage Diary Excerpts

Teenage Diaries

After thoroughly enjoying reading Hannah’s teenage diary excerpts I decided to dig out my own. I was an avid diary writer throughout my teenage years (and am contemplating keeping one again.)

It was hilarious reading through them again, in particular the boys I liked and the things that I thought were major life issues at 16. Turns out they weren’t such major issues. At all.

Here are a few snippets for you:

Saturday 28th July 2001

We’ve just played Scrabble and Mum & Dad have just blatantly told Ben what words to put and where and they made allowances for him but not me. Could they hide their favouritism any less? they might as well have sat there and told me to fuck off. Anyway Mum has just come and told me I need to shave my legs – how dare she?! I’ll do them when I bloody well want to – not when I’m told to!

(This excerpt in particular had me and Jonny laughing at what a hormonal delight I clearly was!)

Friday 28th September 2001

I’ve just realised how much work I actually have to do and aargh!! I’ll never get it all done! I have loads of Textiles, about 6 pages of English & history, Maths past paper, R.E. coursework & science revision. I mean Jesus Christ our teachers are possessed by the devil and their mission is to kill us with over-homeworking. It’s soooo unfair! Boyf front is still empty but someone keeps ringing my mobile at 9.30 every night and much as I’d like to think it was A I unfortunately think it’s J. Urrgh!!

(There is part of me that wants to go back and give me 16 year old self a talking to about being so ridiculous. I feel a little perspective was definitely in order!)

Monday 26th November 2001

I read this article recently that journal writing is good as it releases tension. I think this is true as it helps me get off my chest things that I would never normally tell to anyone else. It feels good just to say them! Even if it is to a book! Apparently if you put more than one exclamation mark after something you find funny you’re laughing at your own joke. I don’t care. I’m going to carry on doing it anyway!!

(Such a bad ass with my double exclamation marks! I also love that the things I’d not normally tell anyone mainly consisted of boys I was ‘in love’ with, which of my friends were being unfair to me and whether or not my parents actually hated me! )

Sunday 3rd February 2002

It always seems to rain when I do my paper round! WHY ME?! Even though the weather was shit this morning I saw a couple going walking in their trendy cagoules and BIG walking boots – such a sexy image – I think not! Why would anyone choose to walk for fun? It’s bizarre!!

(This really made me smile as I’m now one of those ‘bizarre’ people who go walking for fun.)

Re-reading all my old diaries made me smile, and (in parts) almost cry. Part of me wishes I could go back and tell my 16 year old self that life won’t always be so riddled with hormones and that my family will become some of my closest friends. I’d also tell myself not to waste away the months wishing for a boyfriend! The time will come and it will be worth the wait!

There are still elements of my teenage self in me now though, I still get over-excited about puppies and cute animals; I still have a tendency towards the melodramatic and I still criticise myself more than anyone else does.

It’ll be interesting to look back on this blog in a few years to see how much more my life has changed.

Did you keep a teenage diary? How much have you changed?


2 thoughts on “Teenage Diary Excerpts”

  1. Oh those were the days! Haha!
    I sometimes wish I could go back and give my teenage self a good shake and a healthy dose of perspective!
    I definitely think it was good to keep a diary back then and keep some of those ‘fuck off’ comments on paper rather than out loud to whoever the recent subject of our teenage angst was.


    1. Haha. Definitely! I have a feeling some of our angst may have even been directed towards the same people! I’m still fairly lazy about shaving my legs though…


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