Christmas Card Swap

I love receiving post (especially at Christmas) so when I saw Sunny Sweet Pea’s Christmas card swap I signed up straight away!

It’s a great idea; you sign up then get 4 lovely people to send Christmas post to (in the excitement that they’ll do the same and you’ll receive 4 Christmas deliveries!)

Xmas Card Swap 1

Xmas Card Swap 2

Xmas Card Swap 3

I got some lovely ladies to share with, in particular Martina and Amy. It’s been nice to exchange messages with them and have a catch up with their lovely blogs.

The card swap has been something I’ve really enjoyed, and something I’d definitely get involved with again!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Card Swap”

  1. Merry Christmas! So pleased my card arrived, I’m always a bit concerned about post at Christmas time! Your card has safely arrived and is on the mantelpiece. Feeling rather festive!


  2. Hello Rebecca!!! Happy Christmas darling girl!!!:) It was lovely to receive your card and I’m so glad that mine arrived!!! ❤ I hope we will keep in touch in the future because it's always amazing to meet new friends!!!Enjoy these festive days!!!Lots of love!!!


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