101 in 1001 Challenge

101 in 1001

After seeing Annatha on the lovely Prattle and Froth posting about the 101 in 1001 challenge I did a little research. I love the idea of setting little personal goals like this (I previously completed a 365 photo challenge)

So I sat down and, after much thinking, head scratching and Pinterest searching I came up with my own 101 in 1001 list. It’s a mixture of reading, crafting, health and general life style targets.

Here it is:

1. Read 50 books.

2. Sort through photos/back up.

3. Organise materials/update scrapbook.  10.1.15

4. Sort through/organise craft supplies.

5. Visit Edinburgh.

6. Grow something edible.

7. Bake bread.

8. Visit a new (to me) local restaurant.

9. Find a lipstick that suits me!  10.1.15

10. Go camping.

11. Get a job.  5.1.15

12. Re-read Harry Potter series.

13. Visit Whitby.

14. Cook 10 new recipes.

15. Visit a zoo.

16. 1 month with no unnecessary shopping.

17. Learn basic sign language.

18. Plan an event. (30th birthday?)

19. See a West End musical. (Les Mis.?)

20. Complete black-work embroidery hoops.

21. Vote in general election.

22. Keep houseplants alive!

23. Create a weed free garden full of flowers.

24. Visit the Isle of Man.

25. Save all £2 coins for a treat.

26. Do more volunteer work.

27. Grow hair long/to a length happy with!

28. Explore the Lake District.

29. Read 10 classic novels. 

30. Wear an entirely handmade outfit.

31. Visit a spa.

32. Go blackberry picking.

33. Have a real Christmas tree.

34. Have hair styled for an event/party.

35. Keep ‘good things’ diary up to date.

36. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant.

37. Complete mindfulness book.

38. Read a Shakespeare play.

39. Go to the cinema.

40. Turn off phone for 24 hours.

41. Give something up for Lent.

42. Make own candles from wax leftovers.

43. De-clutter possessions.

44. Complete Wreck This Journal.

45. Run 10km.

46. 1 week without complaining.

47. Have a professional manicure.

48. Create photo an hour blog post.

49. Read LOTR trilogy.

50. Have a weekend away with Jonny.  6.2.15-8.2.15

51. Unsubscribe from all junk emails!

52. Complete all sewing projects. 

53. Take a selfie every week for 1 year.

54. Learn how to style hair into a messy bun.

55. Drink champagne on NYE.  31.12.14-1.1.15

56. Read all books owned but never read.

57. 1 month without takeaways!

58. Visit 10 National Trust properties.

59. Organise book collection.

60. Unplug for a weekend.

61. Make 10 Pinterest projects.

62. Have make-up done professionally.

63. Write children’s book.

64.  Complete 365 photo project again.

65. Make croissants.

66. Build a snowman.

67. Have solo coffee shop date.

68. Complete Dry January.

69. Grow something from a seed.

70. Read all Jane Austen novels.

71. Make a pie (with home-made pastry.)

72. Buy an original piece of art.

73. Visit a Christmas market.

74. Complete HIIT 101.

75. Try oysters.

76. Have at least one date night a month.

77. Visit somewhere never been before.

78. Learn to crochet.

79. Make Cath Kidston granny square cushion.

80. Photograph same location for 4 seasons.

81. Cook a 3 course dinner.  31.12.14

82. Complete all knitting projects. 

83. Go to the ballet.

84. Visit 5 Museums/Art Galleries.

85. Use toy cameras and develop films!

86. Cook for friends.

87. Watch all DVDs owned but never watched.

88. Make 29 before 30 list.

89. Re-read His Dark Materials trilogy.

90. Visit Italy.

91. Complete 30 Day Shred.

92. Climb a mountain.  7.2.15

93. Bake a birthday cake.

94. Eat lobster.  31.12.14

95. Have a girlie weekend with Mum.

96. Complete BBG.

97. Be a tourist in Lancaster.

98. Make flavoured vodka.

99. Get a professional pedicure.

100. Visit the theatre.

101. Stargaze. (Spot a shooting star!)

I’ve decided to start it on 31st December, so that my New Year’s resolutions on 1st January don’t clash too much with it!

The plan is to post an update on my 101 in 1001 progress at the end of each month. I’m excited to embark on this new challenge, seeing how my life changes/improves as a result of hitting the little targets along the way.

My date for completion of the project is 27th September 2017. Here’s to the next 33 months!

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