Pretending to be a zookeeper

This weekend I spent Saturday pretending to be a zookeeper and it was brilliant! For my birthday in February Jonny bought me a zookeeper experience. With lots of weddings and a series of very busy weekends it meant I only cashed in my gift recently! Definitely better late than never though!

Zookeeper Day 1

I got to spend my Saturday doing all the usual zookeeper duties. There was a token ‘clean out the lemur hut’ section but the majority of the day was spent feeding the animals and getting to climb into their enclosures with them!

Zookeeper Day 2

Zookeeper Day 3

This basically made my life; I’m constantly the adult at the zoo trying to stroke the animals/encourage them out of their enclosures. So having permission to be in their space was great!

Zookeeper Day 4

I loved every minute of it, and would love to do it all again. My favourite animals were the cheeky little brown lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs, they definitely had funny little personalities.

Zookeeper Day 5

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