Playing Outdoors: Crook of Lune

We are so lucky to live where we do; we have beautiful countryside and riverside walks pretty much on our doorstep! During the last sunny spell of weather we decided take a wander alongside the River Lune through to Caton and the Crook of Lune. The weather was lovely, and it gave me another opportunity to test drive my beloved new Hunter wellies. For the record, these are the comfiest wellies I’ve ever owned (far more than the cheapo colourful jobs that saw me through many a muddy festival!) Whilst expensive, these were a birthday present from my parents and I know that I’ll definitely get their money’s worth out of them!

Crook Rebecca

The walk was lovely, very few people around (aside from some seriously rude cyclists!) and we were fortunate enough to see a heron hanging out on the weir waiting for passing fish. I tried my best to capture him but I think there’s still some work needed on the old nature photography front!

Crook Heron 1Crook Heron 2

Once we got to the Crook itself we wandered through the fields a little further beside the river. I managed to deal with the fields of sheep just fine, but the fields of cows were another matter! Cows are, and will probably always be, one of my biggest fears. Completely ridiculous for a 28 year old. I dealt with one field fine, with Jonny firmly between me and the cows, but the second was too much for my new found bravery to deal with. I am an actual wimp.

The walk home was equally beautiful and, thankfully, cow free! Although I was a little sad that the heron was nowhere to be seen when we passed the weir again. Fingers crossed he’s there next time we venture down.

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