Blackpool Dungeon

We spent the last Bank Holiday of May playing in Blackpool with our friends and their son. It was a lovely day, and we did everything that makes a seaside resort like Blackpool great; played on the beach, wandered along the front by the prom, played in the arcades and had a mooch around the shops that are full of the tack you only ever find at places like this! Fluorescent googly eyed donkey, anyone?


The highlight, however, was a trip around Blackpool dungeon. I was initially apprehensive, the last time I visited the dungeons in York I was genuinely terrified and wound myself up awfully about it. I was 23. This time was different though. When you’re accompanied by a 5 year old you simply have to man up. There was one section when he clambered onto my knee and the room was plunged into darkness. I felt a small hand grab mine tightly and realised that I was not allowed to be a wuss anymore, I wasn’t 5! After that I really enjoyed the experience, even the parts with freezing water being sprayed at you! If you get the chance this summer, I seriously recommend that you hunt down one of those 2 for 1 vouchers for cheaper entry (that seem to be EVERYWHERE) and get yourself there. Plus you get an incredibly flattering photo like this as a souvenir!


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