29 Before 30

29 Before 30

It’s no secret that I love goal setting and projects to work towards. See my 2015 Resolutions and 101 in 1001 for examples!

However, after turning 29 last month I decided it was time to set some more specific, not so hard to achieve goals before I hit the big 3-0 next February.

The thought of being 30 does panic me slightly. Even though I know this is ridiculous and that I probably won’t feel any older, a new decade is an intimidating thought.

I know that some of the best times of my life are going to happen in my 30s, I’ll be getting married to my best friend for a start! But I can’t help feeling that once you’re 30 you’re really supposed to start behaving like a grown up!

Here’s my 29 before 30 list. A few little bits and pieces to try and achieve before that looming big birthday in 2016!

1. Turn mobile phone off more (technology free days)

2. Get scrapbook COMPLETELY up to date! (I’m already lagging behind with 2015!)

3. Re-read Pride & Prejudice.

4. Sew at least one pretty dress that will be worn!

5. Take more toy camera photos.

6. Finish all started knitting projects.

7. Use leftover wool in stash to create knitted blanket panels.

8. Re-read the Harry Potter series.

9. Write children’s book (at least in draft!)

10. Take more Instax photos.

11. Finish all started sewing projects.

12. Visit somewhere new.

13. Try out new recipes (challenge yourself!)

14. Give handmade gifts (Xmas, birthdays, anniversaries, fathers’/mothers’ days)

15.  Make wedding decorations.

16. Use up fabric in stash to create new items.

17. Make wedding invitations.

18. Visit 5 new museums/galleries/castles.

19. Have a trip away.

20. Climb at least 1 more mountain.

21. Read all bookcase & Kindle books!

22. Re-vamp dining table and chairs.

23. Use up wool in stash to create new items.

24. Create something using white air drying clay.

25. Learn how to/improve pencil sketching & water colour skills.

26. Start an exercise routine (and stick to it!)

27. Declutter!

28. Practice mindfulness.

29. Plan a memorable 30th birthday party!

Some of these link into my 101 in 1001, I figured it made sense to link them together, and give me a time scale for working towards some of them. I’ll do an update just before my 30th birthday to revisit this and see how many I’ve achieved. They’ll definitely give me something to focus on in the Summer holidays!



2 thoughts on “29 Before 30”

  1. I love your list of goals darling, especially ” write children’s books” and ” practice mindfulness”!!!Good luck with them!!! 🙂


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