4 Highlights: January/February 2015

Wedding Planning 1

I know that everyone’s saying just how fast this year is passing, but it seriously feels like it’s whizzing past!

January and February have been packed months for us both, but these are the 4 highlights I’ve whittled down from them both:

1. 16.4.16

Starting to plan our wedding has been exciting and terrifying equally! The important locations are booked, the important people have been asked to be bridesmaids/best men/ushers etc and I’ve started to look for the important dress! As you can see from the photo, the wedding magazines are starting to take over our home (much to Jonny’s delight!)

2. Weekend away in Grasmere

We are so lucky to live near to the Lake District where we spent a lovely weekend away at the beginning of February.

3. The Godmother

This February I was lucky enough to become Godmother to two gorgeous little darlings, Max and Phoebe. I feel so privileged to have been asked to hold this role in their lives, and cannot wait to see them grow up!

4. 29th Birthday

On February 9th I turned 29. I’m still a big kid in that I still get excited about and love birthdays. I love the build up when birthday cards start to arrive, I love the presents, and I especially love the cake (which this year was ridiculously chocolate-y and covered in pink glitter!) Turning 29 was a fun one, I asked for money instead of gifts to open this year and treated myself to my first DSLR. I’m looking forward to playing with it and taking some (improved) photos for this blog!

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