Is there anyone alive out there?

Winter Reflection

OK, excuse the ridiculous Titanic quote, but I feel it sums up my HUGE web absence.

It’s not down to anything bad, I’ve just had a particularly hectic couple of months settling into my new job. So far I’m really enjoying myself. Yes it’s tiring, and yes it’s sometimes stressful. It is, however, incredibly rewarding. Especially when a child grasps a new concept you’ve taught them. It’s a great feeling seeing them so proud of their achievements (it’s definitely something we should work on more as adults!)

We’ve also been  starting to plan our wedding. Nobody warns you just how much is involved in wedding planning! So far we have the ceremony and reception venue and a date; Saturday 16th April 2016.


My inner geek loves the symmetry of that date. We’re getting married at the same church as my parents did which is pretty special, followed by a reception at a beautiful local stately home. The biggest stress by far is the guest list. We’re both from large families and have a lot of friends so this is proving to be particularly tricky to whittle down to the venue’s numbers.

I also turned 29 at the start of this month. Only one year left to 30 as my lovely brother reminded me in my birthday card! So far if doesn’t feel any different to 28, although the looming big 3-0 is definitely on my radar now! I certainly thought I’d feel more grown up at this age than I do. Is anyone else like that? Maybe I’m forever going to feel 21 (if only I could forever look 21 too!)

I’m going to try and blog more regularly now I’ve got a better work-life balance established. Thanks for hanging in there!

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