101 in 1001 February 2015 Update

Despite my online absence for pretty much all of January and February I have been slowly plodding through some of the items from my 101 in 1001 project.

Here’s my progress so far:

January 2015

81. Cook a 3 course dinner. 31.12.15

I made a 3 course dinner to celebrate the New Year quietly at home. We’ve done this the past couple of years and I genuinely enjoy this more than the pressure to have a fab night somewhere overpriced in town!

94. Eat lobster. 31.12.14 

Part of that 3 course dinner was a starter of lobster tails with a homemade garlic mayo. I definitely enjoyed them but lobster probably won’t be my first pick in a restaurant. Although I am definitely up for trying it again.

55. Drink champagne on NYE. 31.12.14/1.1.15

As part of our quiet New Year’s in we toasted in 2015 with champagne. (I’d drink champagne everyday if I thought I could get away with it/afford it!)

11. Get a job.05.01.2015

I started my new teaching position last month. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with my Year 3 and 4 class.

3. Organise materials/update scrapbook.10.1.15

See my post here about this process. It’s something I’m working hard to keep on top of after it took so long to update!

9. Find a lipstick that suits me! 10.1.15

I braved the No. 7 beauty counter in Boots to try out their Colour Match service. It basically involves having a photo taken of your cheek skin tone before it analyses which of its shades would best suit you. I bought my first ever red lipstick and am loving it so far! I’m rarely confident enough to use anything other than a tinted balm on my lips so this is definitely new territory for me.

New Red Lipstick

February 2015

50. Have a weekend away with Jonny. 6.2.15-8.2.15

Jonny and I spent the weekend of my birthday in the beautiful Grasmere. It’s somewhere that we both love and it was an especially nice weekend after a particularly busy January. (I’ll blog about the trip soon!)

92. Climb a mountain. 8.2.15

Much to Jonny’s delight I finally climbed a mountain this month! I’m proud of myself that I managed it although I feel I may now have set a precedent as Jonny is plotting further peaks for us to scale!

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