Sunday in Ambleside

This Sunday we drove up into the Lake District to meet my lovely friend Roz for Sunday lunch. We’re really very lucky to live so close to the Lake District, and Ambleside is a handy halfway-point between our house and Roz’s.

Ambleside is a beautiful little town, just further north than Windemere. Its normally full of walkers, and generally outdoorsy folk, something the vast array of outdoor shops will attest to.

Garden Centre 1

This time, however, we stopped just outside the town at a HUGE garden centre for lunch and proceeded to fill up with hot chocolate and lots of melted cheese based food! The garden centre itself is nestled in amongst the beautiful Lake District hills, which the cafe looks out across.

Garden Centre 3

Garden Centre 2

The highlight for me, though, (apart from catching up with the lovely Roz and Kay!) was that half of the centre had been transformed into Christmas world! Complete with flying reindeer, gnomes galore and more decorations than you could ever need. Christmas peacock, anyone? I love Christmas, winter is my favourite season of the year, so I thoroughly enjoyed wandering round their little wonderland. It’s just a shame we hadn’t had a lottery win to fund some serious Christmas spending!

Garden Centre 4

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