4 Highlights: September 2014

September has been an eventful month, definitely up there as the best of 2014 so far!

1. Benji visiting

My little brother visiting from Australia was the single best thing to happen this month. I’ve missed that hairy face a ridiculous amount so it was nice to spend some quality time together whilst he visited us from Sydney.

2. Volunteering

Starting volunteering at Hill Top for the National Trust and the potential of working with Kids in Museums has definitely put my new career plans into action!

3. A vintage weekend

We spent a weekend at the start of this month at the vintage fair at the Midland Hotel, then playing with snow leopard cubs, followed by an impromptu brick hunting session on the beach with Nick and Lindsey. A genuinely lovely weekend that I can’t wait to repeat.

4. Babies!

Two of our friends had a baby this month, and Max is gorgeous! I’ll post the handmade gift I knitted him soon!


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