New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make New Year’s Resolutions. Some are always easier to keep than others. Some get broken, some are persevered at (like my 365 photo project from 2013 – enormous sense of achievement when that mammoth task was completed!)

This year I deliberately tried to make my resolutions achievable; there’s nothing like a broken resolution to make you feel like a failure and I did not want that this year!

Three quarters of the way through 2014, and I’m seriously glad I went for the (easier) option. This year has provided enough challenges without broken resolutions adding to the chaos!

These are the resolutions I made 9 months ago:

2014 Resolutions

So far my progress goes:

1.  Run 10km!

I started running then stopped. There’s still 3 months of the year left, so this is still potentially achievable!

2. Use toy cameras.

I have been using my toy cameras and actually had a couple of films developed. This is still something I’d like to do more. Maybe a couple more films worth before 2015?

3.  Read more.

I have definitely read more this year than I did in 2013, which is great considering few things make me happier than losing myself in a great book!

4. Be more creative.

I have knitted, sewn and cross stitched more this year than in 2013 and also painted some of the furniture we have in our bedroom, so this one is definitely ticked off! I’m planning on a lot of handmade Christmas gifts too so this one will continue…

5. Think positively.

This is still something I’m finding really hard. I’m one of life’s pessimists. This is something I’m seriously working on though, and I’ve joined a yoga class and started to practise mindfulness in a bid to improve upon this. After all, nobody likes a whingy grouch!

6. Save money.

I’ve succeeded in saving a little money this year, which is about to come in particularly handy as a buffer whilst I’m supply teaching/volunteering a lot! I even saved a Christmas budget so that I wouldn’t be bankrupt by the end of the year!

7. More time offline!

Something that still needs work. I succeeded in spending 4 days in the Lake District last month offline, so I know this is possible. Back into the world of wifi I’ve definitely slipped back into old habits though. Maybe a technology free day a week is needed? Or a time when my phone is turned off in the evening to curtail my browsing/social networking!

8. Declutter!

I started to declutter before moving in with Jonny in April but this is an ongoing process. I currently have a small mountain of items awaiting eBay in a bid to finally declutter the contents of my wardrobe!

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to report back on 31st December that I have succeeded in all of these resolutions. I should probably start thinking about going for a run…

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