Our New Garden

We moved into our new house in April, and since then have been pleasantly surprised by the constant new arrivals in the garden! The house is rented from my Grandad and his hard work over the years has definitely paid off. The garden has a host of plants and flowers already in it, all we need to do now is tidy up the seriously overgrown borders. My absolute favourites at the moment are the beautiful roses we have running alongside our house. I even got stopped by a little old man to tell me that he loves the roses and it’s a highlight of his day when he walks his dog past them to smell the flowers! Too. Cute.

Roses 1Roses 2Roses 3Roses 4


Last Friday we came home from work to discover a tiny baby bird had made its way onto our lawn (they’ve been nesting in our roof awning) looking very dazed and confused. After an initial panic that the little one was sure to die, and some serious googling, I discovered that it wasn’t anything to panic about, and that some birds leave their nests up to a week before they can fly whilst they wait for their flying feathers to come in. Thanks RSPB. Further research told us that the babies were in fact Jackdaws, not crows as I’d initially assumed.

Fledgling 1Fledgling 6

Over the course of the weekend we found that there wasn’t just one fledgling making itself at home in our back garden, but two! We also learnt that bird parents are scary and possessive, we got dive bombed by the overprotective guys whilst trying to get into our back door and when putting the recycling out. Turns out mummy birds are pretty full on!

Fledgling 3Fledgling 5

I’ve spent most of my spare time this weekend watching the little guys, whose ridiculous old men faces can’t help but make me smile! They’ve since been named Peter and Fledgey. The little guys are still there today, and are definitely going to be missed when they, quite literally, fly the nest!

Fledgling 2Fledgling 4