The C Word

Merry Percymas

Today I wasn’t in school, I was on a course learning all about how to make Key Stage 2 Grammar exciting. One of the best things about being on a course (aside from the lie in, and learning new things) is that I get to be at home much earlier than I usually would on a Monday.

Wondering what to do with myself, I’ve put on some laundry, emptied the dishwasher, done the little bit of school work I had to do and curled up in front of the fire with a coffee.

Now please don’t judge me but I might have just written my Christmas list. Yes, I’m 30 years old and still write a Christmas list! Although now, rather than being posted to Father Christmas, it gets passed along to my husband/parents/in-laws.

There are few things I love more at this time of year than sitting down and making my wishlist, it really gets me in the festive mood. Not that I need much excuse for that. This weekend I watched The Father Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch to take my mind off being full of cold and generally feeling sorry for myself. I’m also working my way through the sugar-laden seasonal drinks menus at Costa and Starbucks.

I make no apologies for my obsession with the C word. I’m already debating whether it’s acceptable for me to stick my Christmas album on in my car (after all, it is December next week!)

What do you do get in the festive mood? Or do you prefer the C word to be avoided until firmly into advent?

6 thoughts on “The C Word”

  1. I have exceedingly complex and labyrinthine Christmas rules, which include:
    1. No Christmas music before 25th November
    2. Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas albums, which are allowed from 1st November (this year I’ve massively broken the first rule as I started listening to other Christmas music this weekend. Oh well).
    3. Christmas pyjamas from 25th November (this rule has also been broken).
    4. No Christmas decorations until 1st December…
    5. …But not the Christmas tree – that needs to wait until a bit closer to the 25th…. ok maybe just a few days into December.

    My attitude is that the best bit of Christmas is the build-up, so it’s ridiculous to limit that to a week or two in December. Oh! And I also write a Christmas list every year (and get a stocking from Father Christmas, aka my mum).


  2. I still need to get into the spirit this year and have only just started my shopping.Late for me! I like to do a Christmas Eve box for me and boyfriend ( snuggly bits and pieces to open Xmas Eve) so maybe I shoud get on with that. 🙂


    1. A Christmas Eve box sounds like such a lovely idea! Depending on where we’re spending Xmas Eve (at our house or at my parents/the in-laws) I might pop a few bits together to create our own!


  3. I have to write a Christmas list for my mother in law every year! Bearing in mind how many things I want, I find it really hard to do! Quite like Janet, I have strict rules about Christmas, nothing christmassy until the 1st of December. For me , November is still autumn, not Christmas.


    1. Christmas list aside, I think the main thing I want this year is to spend some time with my husband. We’ve both been so busy with work recently, that Christmas will be a very welcome break!


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