The Dress of Dreams

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-240

My wedding dress is definitely the dress of my dreams. After doing the whole expensive boutique try-on rigmarole I couldn’t find a dress that felt like ‘The One.’

After much deliberation and online searching I decided to go high street for my wedding dress.

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-86Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-81Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-102

My Mum is essentially the hero of this piece. She took my £150 dress and made it AMAZING. She altered it so that it fit my figure perfectly. She wasn’t annoyed when I ordered some sparkly stuff on Etsy to be turned into a sash. She changed the neckline so that it suited me better. She altered my bra so that it worked with the shape of the dress (and my not so enormous boobs!) She even embroidered our wedding date in blue into the underskirt.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also hand knitted me a little cardigan in the same shade as the bridesmaids’ dresses to keep me warm should the April day turn chilly.

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-349Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-422

I love my Mum for being such an integral part of making my wedding dress perfect. Without her I wouldn’t have had the unique garment I ended up with and for that I am eternally grateful.

It wasn’t too frilly. It wasn’t a big meringue. Most importantly it fitted my two dress hunting criteria; to be able to eat a full wedding breakfast (we had an amazing game pie and I didn’t want to miss out!) and to be able to go for a wee without needing an entourage of assistants!

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-237

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-426It was the dress of dreams. I was able to dance away like a loon without anyone tripping over an enormous train and the bargain price meant I wasn’t precious about it getting a little grubby all in the name of a great party!

Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-384Mr & Mrs Huck - Jono Symonds Photography-802

And yes, I did end up being the sort of bride who dances to classic rock anthems with a tie around my head…

All our amazing wedding photos are courtesy of the very clever Jono Symonds.

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