The Happiness Project

Happiness Project

I’m a sucker for a bargain Kindle book. Even if the synopsis isn’t the most riveting in the world that 99p price tag pulls me in every time. The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin was no exception to this rule.

Now I love a self-help book as much as the next noughties Bridget Jones. My Kindle library is testament to this with a bevy of 99p titles on mindfulness, being productive and generally trying not to let shit get you down, filling it’s pages.

The Happiness Project, for me, is different to the others. Less patronising. More relatable. Rubin sets out a 12 month plan to change her ways in her quest for happiness. From the opening I was completely agreeing with her sentiment. The comments she makes were really hitting home with me. Comments like; “I am happy – but I’m not as happy as I should be. I have such a good life. I want to appreciate it more – and live up to it better… I complain too much, I get annoyed more than I should. I should be more grateful. I think if I felt happier, I’d behave better.”

Now I’m only up to March (the book is divided into chapters for each month of her project) but I’m loving it. I’ve created my own list of things that make me happy. Things that truly make me happy like being creative and spending time with friends and family. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily tackle a new way of thinking each month as Rubin does but I am going to start putting some of her actions into practise.

Hopefully this will help the stress of teaching a Year 6 class in the lead up to SATs and the manic whirlwind that is the countdown to our wedding!

2 thoughts on “The Happiness Project”

  1. This sounds worth a look- I’m never sure I can be disciplined enough to keep up regular projects, but if I can’t manage it for a happiness project there’s probably no hope for me!


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