Photo An Hour: Saturday 16th January 2016

This Saturday marked my first time joining in with Louisa and Janey’s photo an hour challenge. It’s something I’d been meaning to do for a while, but never got around to. I really enjoyed having to make the effort to take a photo each hour and, in some instances, making what I was getting up to seem interesting/appear photogenic!

Here’s what I got up to:

9am 16.1

9am: Still in bed reading. I’m currently reading The Book Thief, it’s the next book for my book club and I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. (Although a friend has warned me it gets a bit emotional!)

10am 16

10am: Finally dragged myself out of bed, trying to make myself look presentable ready to leave the house! I’m loving this Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes mascara at the moment, it’s SO good.

11am 16.1

11am: Went for a lovely little walk with Jonny down to the Crook of Lune and grabbed a bacon sandwich. They are great at the little cafe there and make mine using the gluten free bread I provide for them.

12pm 16.1

12pm: Needing to leave the house via car rather than on foot I found my little Fiat a tad icier than usual.

1pm 16.11pm: Made it  into Lancaster to do a couple of little jobs and pick up some bits and pieces. I was trying to be sensible and not splurge on myself but Lush lured me in. As usual. I left with a bath bomb, and a bubble bar. Oops.

2pm 16.1

2pm: Back home needing to get some school work done. I stuck on Sawdust by The Killers to give me some background noise whilst I planned for next week in school.

3pm 16.1

3pm: It started to snow! I’m an overgrown child and bloody love snow. This distracted me for a good 10 minutes. Although when I’m working it takes very little to distract me!

4pm 16.1

4pm: Re-fuelling with a brew in front of the fire trying to warm up a bit!

5pm 16.1

5pm: Trying on a couple of sale purchases from ASOS and Boohoo. These are for our minimoon in Edinburgh. I won’t be sporting bare legs in April, these are only as a result of taking my jeans off to try on the dress.

6pm 16.1

6pm: Blitz cleaning our bomb site of a kitchen so that I actually had worktop space to prepare dinner on! Cleaning on a Saturday night. I know how to rock and roll.

7pm 16.1

7pm: I made hazelnut ice cream. This sounds a LOT nicer than it was. I tried a Pinterest recipe using frozen bananas. It was rank. Jonny ate half a bowl (to be polite.) I ate a spoonful and gave up. Absolute Pinterest fail.

8pm 16.1

8pm: Playing Scrabble. This is by far my favourite board game.  Although it does make me horribly competitive. I blame my dad for this.

9pm 16.1

9pm: Still playing Scrabble (but almost finished by this point) now accompanied by a bottle of red.

10pm 16.1

10pm: We stuck the fire back on, put our feet up and settled down with a film. Jonny’s reading the Harry Potter books for the first time so we’re watching the relevant film each time he finishes one. This time it was The Order of the Phoenix.

I’m definitely going to join in next time, it was great fun, and I loved looking through what everyone else was up to on their Saturday. It’s the perfect activity for my inner nosy-parker!



9 thoughts on “Photo An Hour: Saturday 16th January 2016”

  1. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to make my day photogenic, as you say. Even more so when I don’t leave the house for hours – and after over a year of doing photo an hour – as I’m sure there are only so many photos of my bedroom and living room people want to see!


  2. I recently made a pinterest recipe which was absolutely awful too.It was a chocolate avacado mousse.Never again! I I have the same cath kidston mug as you. 🙂 My boyfriend and I have played scrabble once and fell out five mins into the game.x


    1. I’m so competitive with Scrabble, it’s caused many a family argument! Fortunately my other half isn’t as competitive as me so we muddle along OK with it!


  3. Reading in bed on Saturday morning, with the first cup of tea of the day, is such a pleasure!!! How’s The book thief? I have it on my bookcase, waiting to be read…
    Many kisses,


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