Less Screen Time

Rebecca C

Following on from Friday’s post, less screen time is something I need to implement.

I’m a bugger for picking up my phone and scrolling through social media before I even get out of bed. Or for doing so once I get into bed before I fall asleep. Or for mindlessly doing so when sat on the sofa/at work/anytime I get a spare couple of minutes.

I could however be doing something more productive with my spare time. One of my resolutions for this year was less screen time and, honestly, I’ve been crap at this.  It’s a resolution which will be getting rolled over (alongside forcing some more exercise into my life, but more on that in another post!)

Jonny is much better at not being glued to his phone than me. Part of this is because he genuinely doesn’t care about what other people are up to, so long as he is happy. I envy him for this.

The new mission is to make sure I engage with the real world a bit more often. No more scrolling before I get out of bed. In fact, no more scrolling in bed full stop. The evening slot can definitely be replaced by reading a good book. I didn’t realise until recently how much I miss reading. I read voraciously as a child/teenager/into my early twenties, before smart phones were a thing. Reading is something I love and want to do more of.

Do you have any recommendations for a good book, or three?

8 thoughts on “Less Screen Time”

  1. Goodmorning my darling Rebecca!!!
    I was writing your christmas card when I saw your post 🙂 we definitely have a connection!!!
    I totally agree with you..the time we loose checking the phone is absurd!!! Talking about books, I’m a booklover too, and I can suggest some of my favourite titles: The Help by K. Stockett, Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier, Memoirs of a Geisha by A. Golden, The language of flowers by V. Diffenbaugh, Norwegian Wood by Murakami, The casual vacancy byJ. K. Rowling and the books of Camilla Läckberg.
    The warmest hug!!!


    1. I loved Falling Angels, and have read Memoirs of a Geisha but the others are all new to me. I’ll definitely have a look! Thanks for the recommendations, lovely!


  2. Those pesky phones taking time away from reading! Books I’ve read over the past year or so and enjoyed include The Miniaturist and Shoes for Anthony. Favourite books of all time include A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth and anything by Margaret Atwood, especially The Blind Assassin. And Malory Towers when I want some childhood nostalgia!


    1. I LOVED The Miniaturist when I read it for book club. The others are all new to me, although I did study and enjoy The Handmaid’s Tale by Atwood at A-Level. I’ll definitely be having a look out for these! Thank you for recommending them!


  3. Funnily enough, Thomas is also better than I am about not being glued to his phone – he’ll often spend the evening reading while I scroll through blogs, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, while I could definitely stand to do less of the “mindlessly stare at my phone for hours” I also really value the people I’ve met thanks to social media and genuinely enjoy spending time connecting with them- be that on an Instagram comment, a Twitter convo or, like now, a blog reading session.


    1. I definitely agree on the meeting lovely people, but I need to rein in my time online a little. I’ll be scouring your blog for book recommendations to keep my attentions off the iPhone!


  4. Replace the phone with a book on your bedside table and turn off your phone and leave it in another room when you’re getting ready for bed. Then if you’re in bed and don’t want to go to sleep/get up yet, you can reach for book instead.


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