Sparking Memories #2: Bowland Tower

Bowland Tower

Continuing on from my beloved Ford Ka, another thing that sparks eternally happy memories is Bowland Tower at Lancaster University.

If you attended Lancaster University, or have ever driven up the M6 between junctions 33 and 34 you’ll have seen this *ahem* majestic piece of architecture. Seriously though, it’s classic 1960s architecture at its best/worst but I love this building for a number of reasons:

1: It’s where I lived as a fresher between 2004-2005.

2: I met some of the loveliest people ever here, most of whom are still firm friends. I genuinely couldn’t imagine my life without these wonderful people now!

3. The memories of floor parties/centurion challenge (oh god)/fancy dress for no particular reason/general putting the world to rights.

4. I learnt that whilst I hate doing so, I can deal with spiders when there isn’t another more responsible adult to deal with the situation! (Aka I lived in my friend’s room for 3 months when a huge spider moved in under my bed. Another friend eventually went in armed with the hoover and removed the monster for me.)

5. Jonny and I had our first kiss in the lift here. (Classy.) Eight years prior to becoming a proper grown up couple.

I’d say these are the big points! Even now, driving up the M6, passing this building makes me smile. It’s where I started to grow up and become the person I am now and for that, Bowland Tower, I’ll be forever grateful.

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