Garden Progress

Garden Progress 1

Our garden has the potential to be lovely. At the moment it’s a little lacklustre. We inherited a mature garden with the house we’re renting and it was basically an overgrown jungle with four separate lawns.

Since moving in 18 months ago we’ve been lazy with regards to the garden, letting nature take its course and being pleasantly surprised when things managed to bloom. This summer I decided it was time to try and tame the wilderness. I wanted to be able to plant my own bulbs, in the hope that the borders will be daffodil-tastic come next Spring. To be able to do this the borders needed some serious clearing.

With the help of a couple of friends we painstakingly pulled up grass/dug up weeds/were ruthless with existing plants to create the clear borders I was hoping for. I’m now waiting until October when my very green fingered mothership is going to come and visit and assist/supervise my bulb planting.

Garden Owls

I’m excited to see how the garden continues to progress, it’s a new hobby I’ve found surprisingly enjoyable and relaxing (all my hobbies are the sort that Nana’s love.)

My gardening knowledge is still fairly rudimentary, I’ve next to no clue what I’m doing. Any tips or hints would be very gratefully received!

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