Gluten Free Not So Fun Times

Gluten Free Is The New Black


As I write this I’m currently in the process of recovering from my first time being ‘glutened.’

My stomach is solid and bloated and I’ve spent more time than I’d like in the bathroom over the past 12 hours! (Sorry for the overshare – my chat with Jonny was far more gross.)

We went out for dinner last night with friends and I was super careful when ordering, I perused the allergen menu and made my choices carefully. Something must have slipped under the radar though as I feel utterly rubbish this morning.  I can’t even blame alcohol for this as I was the designated driver!

Lesson learnt though, in future I will be double checking everything I order, even if this does make me that pain in the arse at a restaurant. It isn’t worth making myself feel ill over. So for today I shall be mainly battling that ‘I’m off work and really need to be in there’ guilt and drinking peppermint tea.

Any tips for feeling better from an upset stomach/being glutened are more than welcome and will be very gratefully received!

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Not So Fun Times”

  1. That sucks that you got glutened while eating out, I’d be so angry if I was you. I’m ok with gluten but allergic to a lot of dairy products, but I still sometimes choose to eat them because they’re delicious and I’m an idiot – I always end up cursing my decision when I’m feeling like crap and running to the loo every 10 minutes.


    1. It was just so frustrating; I’d made the effort to ensure my meal was GF and then it clearly wasn’t! I feel your allergy pain, Jonny is severely allergic to sesame and we have to be so careful! We’re essentially a nightmare couple to invite round for dinner!


  2. Poor you, darling!!! I totally understand the situation because I’m allergic to dairy products and going out for dinner sometimes can be a nightmare!!! Even if we are really really careful checking the menu, many times it’s not enough because people don’t pay attention and unfortunately we are forced to pay the consequences of their negligence! The day after, to feel better, I usually drink a lot of water and herbal teas like peppermint or fennel infusion…you wil get better soon honey!
    A big hug!


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