The Good Food Show 2015

Good Food ShowSource

Last weekend the mothership and I went up to Harrogate for the BBC Good Food Show. It was our second year of attending and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

We got there bright and early (although were disappointed to find the main venue car park was closed to everyone except those fancy pants individuals who’d forked out more for a VIP ticket!) I was driving so missed out on a lot of brilliant looking gin samples. My mother took full advantage of the fact she wasn’t and had her first gin at 9.15am. She’s my actual hero.

The stalls were much better spaced than last year and had a BRILLIANT gluten free pie stall. I’ll post more another day about why I’m so excited by gluten free produce. After spending a, frankly embarrassing, amount of money we headed to the super theatre where we got to watch Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood bake. I genuinely love Mary Berry and it was great to see her in action again. That woman is 80! If I look half as good at 80 I’ll be very happy!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any decent photos – the ones on my phone are too dire to post. I’ll definitely try to remedy this for my next day out. I have a feeling next year’s show might fall on the weekend of our wedding so it may be 2017 before we get to the Harrogate one again. Maybe a trip to the 2016 summer show in Birmingham is in order!

If you love food and general kitchen gadgets/knick knacks I would definitely recommend a visit. You’ll get a really enjoyable day out and enough food and drink samples to make you need a little lie down. What more could you want from a day out?

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