Converted to camping.

It’s no secret that I used to hate the outdoors, and that the thought of camping would have made me laugh with scorn. Things have, however, changed since I’ve been with Jonny.

Camping April 2

Prior to our getting together my camping experience was limited to annual long weekends in a sweaty 2 man tent at Leeds festival, and a couple of weekends away with the Guides as a child. I’d never been on a camping holiday (nor had I any desire to do so.)

I like my home comforts. I like a comfy bed. I like a toilet that I don’t have to trek in the cold to.

It turns out though that I am willing to live without these luxuries for a break away. We have an air bed so it’s not quite as awful as sleeping on the floor, and my ridiculously thick mummy sleeping bag stops me from getting cold. (I swear I’m part reptile; once I’m cold it takes me a LONG time to warm back up!) This trip we even had a little heater and a light inside our tent which made it infinitely more habitable. There are few things worse than getting dressed in a freezing cold tent!

Camping April 1

We spent the Easter long weekend camping in Haltwhistle with some friends, then stayed an extra night to do some sightseeing on our own. The break was lovely and, dare I say it, not actually that bad to be camping! The shower block was lovely (and a welcome relief after we left our house with our shower refusing to deliver any hot water!) and I managed to deal with the walk to the loos since I knew it wasn’t forever!

I do like our little tipi, and am looking forward to a camping trip to Devon and Cornwall this summer. Especially knowing it’ll definitely be warmer than April in Northumberland! I’ll make sure to take pictures of our actual tent for you to see next time too.

Do you camp? Or do you prefer four walls?

4 thoughts on “Converted to camping.”

  1. Woo hoo for being converted! Camping is great, but I agree, those little luxuries are important! A good sleeping bag, a comfortable bed/sleep mat and a decent torch or lantern. I camp regularly with Brownies and Guides and they soon learn that us leaders weren’t joking when we said they needed to be wrapped up warm to go to the toilet in the night! I’m amazed at the number of girls who still turn up with onesies to sleep in and then complain loudly in the morning that they got very cold having to take pretty much all their clothes off to do a wee! They soon learn for next year, though! Glad you had a good time 🙂


    1. Haha. I’m glad I wasn’t in a onesie making the middle of the night loo trips! I’m happy teaching a class all day, but you definitely get my respect for taking a group of children camping!!


  2. We just got back from our first glamping trip with kids and I was worried about that – like you I HATE to be cold. I am not sure if I’m brave enough for ‘real camping’ yet but your photos are pretty great.. maybe when the kids are a bit older!


    1. It’s definitely not as bad as you’d expect! The heater and electric light certainly help make it more enjoyable! I’m sure your kids will love it once they’re a little bigger!


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