A Word for 2015

Being a lover of Pinterest (follow my boards here) I really like the inspiring quotes and phrases that fill it’s walls. It’s these inspirational posters that led me to thinking of what I would want my focus of 2015 to be in one word.

This was a harder process than I initially anticipated. Looking through my resolutions I contemplated ‘create’ ‘positivity’ and MANY others before finally settling upon ‘breathe.’


I choose breathe because it’s something that links nicely into Mindfulness. Concentrating upon the rhythm of my breathing when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, stressed and my mind is generally whirring helps bring a level of calmness and focus back to my day. 

Starting a new job (tomorrow – eek!) and beginning to plan a wedding mean that this focus will be more than welcome. Especially when I’ve had a day that didn’t quite go to plan or I’m struggling to identify the good things in my life.

Breathe 2Source.

I like the simplicity of the word breathe. I like that it’s something we can all focus on, and relate to. I like the sound of it when I say it.

So here’s to 2015 being the year that I slow things down a little to breathe, find direction and have a great time!

What word would you choose to summarise 2015?

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