4 Highlights: November 2014

November has been a VERY happy month, here’s the 4 things that have stood out most about it for me:

1. Fireworks!

I absolutely LOVE fireworks so was very happy when we spent a Saturday evening at the start of the month at a local bonfire and fireworks display. The display was incredible, set to music, and lasted about half an hour. Wrapped up warm and snuggled up, watching fireworks is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend my time!

2. A day out with the Mothership

Visiting the knitting  & stitching show in Harrogate with my mum is always a great day out, and this year was no exception. Read more about it here.

3. Getting a job!

I’ve felt a huge improvement in my mood, and general well-being this month. It’s probably one of the happiest months I’ve had this year as melodramatic as that sounds. Most of this is down to practicing what I preached here. I think this helped me out A LOT this week when I interviewed for a new teaching position. (I’ll post in more detail about this soon!) The feedback when the school offered me the job commented that I ‘radiated positivity’ which was a lovely compliment!


4. Seeing friends

Up until this month we’ve not been great at arranging to spend time seeing friends. (The 7 weddings we’ve attended and their resultant stag/hen dos have played their part in filling our weekends so far!) But this month was better, there have been friends to visit, going out for lunch and generally making more of an effort to just pop and see people for a brew and a catch up. I need to keep this up!

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