Happy New Year!

Happy New Year you lovely lot! 

Rather than make my usual super prescriptive resolutions (that I very rarely stick to) I thought about what I wanted more and less of in my life for the upcoming year. 

More time to be creative and less screen time were my instant thoughts. 

My self-enforced social media detox started yesterday and I’m already getting back on the blogging wagon with the extra time I’ve got! I’ll definitely blog about how that’s going at some point over the next month. 

New years are a funny one. As they approach I always find myself reflecting on the previous year and dreaming about the ‘perfect’ life I could have in the next if only I change a couple of aspects of my current routine. Of course, I know that this is very much a rose-tinted spectacle view of the world and that in reality I need to be less hard on myself and really think about being grateful for where I’m at.

More gratitude is another thing I want to incorporate into 2019. Less comparison. 

Little things to get me back on track for a more positive year.

For one thing, I’ve enjoyed writing this post and spending some time thinking about other future posts.

Here’s to a happy, and healthy new year. I hope it’s kind to you all x


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Ugh the comparison thing is so hard and it’s not something that I’ve always felt but definitely something that’s become more pronounced over the last few years with social media tightening its (deliciously) evil grip! You’re so brave taking a break from it – looking forward to hearing how it’s going! C x


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