Things I Do When I’m Home Alone

Whilst this sounds like a clickbait-y title all about the gross shit I do whilst home alone, it’s really not that weird. I’m not sitting here post chewing my own toenails ready to share grim tales. (Although I did just check to see if I’d be flexible enough to do this should I so feel the desire. Turns out I can, so that’s a treat.)

This is more accurately, the things I do when Jonny is away with work and I’m home alone. He’s lucky enough to get to travel the world with his job which means I’m now pretty much down with my own little home alone routine. 

Things I do differently that I wouldn’t do if he were here start with the sesame based binging. Jonny has a fairly severe sesame allergy so I make the most of gorging on humous and Chinese food whilst there’s no risk of killing him with a kiss!

Another thing I do differently is to sleep in my wedding and engagement rings. Normally they get taken off at bedtime for fear of scratching my own face whilst snoozing but I keep them on when home alone in a stupid fear that if I need to get out of the house in the middle of the night for any reason it’s one less thing to remember!

We’ve got 2 doors leading into our house. One is the original, the other is a second one built in front (I’m not really sure why as it doesn’t create a porch or anything useful, merely a space where I often get entangled trying to manoeuvre out of the house laden with school stuff whilst opening one door and closing the other behind me.) Normally we’d just lock the door that actually leads to the outside world but when I’m home alone they’re both locked and I regularly triple check that this is the case. 

I think the main reason I’m such a worrier when I’m alone is down to how much I read. My imagination is a little on the overactive side and I always assume the worst is going to happen if I’m on my own!

I’m increasingly good at entertainment myself; I read, I sew, I catch up on TV shows that Jonny hates and I watch trashy movies that I loved as a teenager. 10 Things I Hate About You, I’m looking in your direction. I also talk to myself. Full on crazy lady talking to myself so that the quiet of the house doesn’t feel too full on!
I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one who has different things they get up to when they’re home alone. I can’t be the only one who’s paranoid by all the strange noises the house seems to make when there’s just me in the house?

14 thoughts on “Things I Do When I’m Home Alone”

  1. Sometimes my other half goes away on mountain biking weekends with the lads ( dirty weekends!) and i definitely use this time to binge on chick flicks and netflix shows such as I Zombie and Santa clarita Diet . πŸ™‚ X


  2. Yes I know exactly what you mean – I notice every single noise that would never usually register when my husband’s around, but it is lovely to be able to watch exactly what I want without judgement every so often! πŸ™‚ x


    1. He’s currently away again and this evening I’ve convinced myself there are birds in our attic! (The rational part of me knows this most probably isn’t the case, but the wind has been making our house make some very bizarre noises!) x


  3. It’s strange, I lived on my own in this house for 5 years before Thomas moved in and, unless I’d read something scary, I didn’t get anxious. Now, though, when he’s away I can be quite jumpy at night and often don’t sleep that well – it’s so annoying! But yes, I also have lots of routines when Thomas is away (which happens quite a lot because of his work): eating all of the cheese is one, and relying on ready meals is another (not easy to do when catering for a vegan). My Pitch Perfect DVDs usually come out and I generally find myself being a lot more productive in terms of blogging and crafts. So much so that I sometimes relish him being away!


  4. Haha good reason to keep your rings on, you never know when you have to escape, sounds like something I’d do. I have always been good at entertaining myself as well. I like to call it “Me time” I honesty enjoy my own company which seems to be the same for you.


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