Photo An Hour 18.02.17

I regularly join in with Jane and Louisa’s photo and hour on Instagram but it’s been a while since I then shared my day here.


8am: This Saturday was spent entertaining myself on the whole as Jonny was away during the day. It started, however, with him earning some serious husband points by bringing me a cup of tea up to accompany reading my book in bed. I’ve recently been trying to read more for pleasure and so far am 750 pages through my current behemoth!


9am: Getting ready to leave the house. I was very lucky to receive the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume for my birthday so it was that accompanied by my wedding jewellery to start the day. The rest of me was less than well-presented (my hair is thick and a tad wild at times) but at least I smelled nice!


10am: As I mentioned, I was thoroughly spoiled on my birthday and these were my other two main gifts. Since Jonny was out I decided to take myself on a wander around Lancaster to have a play with my new camera.

11am-18-2-1711am: Lancaster Castle and the Priory next door to it was my destination although once I got there I found that two thirds of each building was covered in scaffolding! I did manage to capture a couple of shots of it looking lovely despite the gloomy grey sky.


12pm: Still wandering around, camera in hand. I got some funny looks blocking the pavement outside Waterstones to take this photo. I love that there is Literature/Cake based history in our little town!


1pm: A quick whizz around the supermarket on my way back from town to our little village. My Orla Kiely shoppers are from Tesco and always brighten up a less than exciting weekly chore.


2pm: Amongst my purchases were yet more daffodils. I am in love with these cheery yellow blooms. Currently we have 4 bunches of flowers dotted around our house. I’m not sorry.


3pm: I treated myself to a sneaky dress purchase whilst in town earlier. I couldn’t resist the stripes (as always!) and fluted sleeves. It’ll be being showcased at school tomorrow.


4pm: Finally a sit down with a coffee and The Simple Things magazine. I discovered this last year and have since subscribed as I’d been enjoying it so much.


5pm: Putting the finishing touches to my latest sewing project. It’s a dress I started last year that had been relegated to the bottom of my craft pile. Finally finished, I’ve now ordered some new fabric to make a second improved version (having learned from my mistakes making this one.)


6pm: Jonny finally home, we cracked open a bottle of wine whilst I searched for fabric for my next project.


7pm: I found this Dirty Dancing soundtrack earlier this week at an antiques shop near us and this was its first play. I fully love this soundtrack although this is Part Two so I’m now going to be looking out for Part One!

All in all, a lovely chilled out Saturday. What did you get up to?

7 thoughts on “Photo An Hour 18.02.17”

  1. What really beautiful photos. I love The Simple Things mag too. I’ve got a mass back catalogue of them now under the bed! I had no idea that Charles Dickins stopped in Lancaster…and ate cake!


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