What’s In My Bag


One of my favourite things about reading other people’s blogs is the ability to be nosy and get an insight into their lives. I love reading about what other people have been up to, what they’re reading/wearing/eating/doing to their homes. One type of post my inner nosy parker really loves is a ‘what’s in my bag.’

So on that note, I thought I’d let you have a peek at the general paraphernalia (crap) that I carry around with me on a day-to-day basis.

1: Bag

I was lucky enough to be bought this beautiful Fossil bag for my 30th birthday by my very lovely in-laws. Since last February it’s been used almost daily for work, shopping trips and every thing else in between. It’s a great, roomy tote with enough inner pockets that you know you won’t lose your lip balm or phone within its depths.

2: Purse

This purse was a 30th birthday present to myself. I treated myself at the Bicester Shopping Village Michael Kors outlet so, whilst it is designer, the price tag wasn’t quite as offensive as it could have been. It’s currently full of coins, store cards, my debit and credit card and a book of stamps. The essentials.

3: Tablets

I’ve always got a packet of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol to hand just in case of headaches/period pains but I also always carry a range of antihistamines. Jonny has a severe sesame allergy so I tend to carry a back up, first port of call, supply for him.

4: Diary

My work diary is lugged around Monday-Friday and whilst huge (it’s A4) is, unfortunately, an essential during the week. The cover wasn’t very inspiring so I backed it with some pretty wrapping paper from Waterstones so it’s a little more aesthetically pleasing.

5: Notebook

There is ALWAYS a notebook in my handbag. Currently it’s this Moleskine that my teaching assistant bought me for Christmas although I generally prefer a trusty Leuchtturm 1917 number.

6: Pencil case

This Cath Kinston number is filled with highlighter pens, biros, pencils, and my USB (aka my work lifeline) and is really only in my bag for work. At the weekend I tend to just throw in a biro as a just in case.

7: Umbrella

Living in the North West of England an umbrella is an essential. This one, covered in cute little woodland creatures, was a Christmas present from my Mum 4 years ago and it’s lasted so well. Good work on M&S’s part there for not creating a flimsy brolly that pings inside out in the slightest breeze.

8: Lipstick/Lipbalm

My lips get dry so easily that it’s fairly essential for me to carry around a lip balm. This Bert’s Bees one is great and the smell makes me think of summer (which is no bad thing in the middle of winter!) The lipstick is a No.7 that I had coloured matched to my ghost skin and is my fail safe if I want to look a little bit more glam.

Items not pictured that are usually knocking around in this cavernous tote somewhere are snacks (I tend to take a range of fruit and nuts to work with me) a plethora of receipts (which I chucked in the bin before photographing) and a mini pack of tissues, although these have run out and need replacing hence their absence from the photo. My phone usually lives in my bag too but that was in use to take the photo.

So there you have it, the current contents of my bag that get hauled around with me on a daily basis. How do they compare to yours?

12 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag”

  1. I love your ‘ Were All Mad Here’ notebook. I got a few for Christmas and birthdays so I have tried to distribute them and a pen in all my bags. πŸ™‚ My main back is full of unglamorous things like broken dog biscuits and poo bags!


  2. Ah I love posts like this! Anything that gives me a peek into someone’s life, I enjoy – I’m such a nosy parker.

    My bag contents are similar, except no pencil case since I left teaching, and I use a zipped pouch (a little like a pencil case now I think about it) to keep my copious supply of medication all together, along with a mini tube of handcream, my Burts Bees lip balm, and my earphones. It saves me scrabbling around at the bottom of my bag for the little bits.


  3. Goodmorning my lovely Rebecca!!! It’s fantastic how our bags look similar:)..I have a brown leather bag me too..with a cathkidson pencilcase, a moleskine notebook, a Bert’s Bees lipbalm and a No.7 lipstick that matches my skin ( it’s the one you suggested me, do you remember?)!!!!
    Sending you the warmest hug!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!


  4. Oh I do love posts like these, I am incurably nosy! Your bag is really lovely – the perfect handbag is a wonderful thing πŸ™‚ I might borrow this post idea over on my blog too…feeding the nosiness of others! C x


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