Our Wedding Album

Admittedly I’ve been a little behind on the post-wedding organisation as we got married last April but during my Christmas break I finally got around to creating a wedding photo album.

We had the option to create an all-singing-all-dancing one through our photographer but I preferred the chance to design and make our own. I used the website Cheerz after some serious Googling for a wedding album that was a little different.cheerz-team-huck-wedding-album-3

cheerz-team-huck-wedding-album-4Cheerz, whilst still a little pricey (the finished album was over £60) was perfect. I was able to choose a bright yellow album to follow our wedding theme and then spent a couple of hours arranging our photos. I also chose to get a keepsake box to protect the album, although the thought of a row of brightly coloured photo books in future definitely appeals to me.

It’s hardback so something I can happily see lasting for a very long time, and something that (hopefully) our children and grandchildren will be able to look through as I have with my parents’ wedding album.cheerz-team-huck-wedding-album-5It was so lovely to go through all the photos again, reliving the day, accompanied by some happy tears! I’m so pleased with the finished photo book and can’t stop wasting time flicking through it.cheerz-team-huck-wedding-album-6

cheerz-team-huck-wedding-album-7The whole process made me think that I really need to create hard copies for my photos more, and that I really need to update my scrapbooks! What online services do you use to print/store photos? I’d love to find any other sites that offer something slightly different to the usual 6×4 prints.

6 thoughts on “Our Wedding Album”

  1. That looks a lovely album. I always forget about photo books ~ I still fill albums with physical photos, as well as having them on the laptop. I have millions! But I can’t help myself.:)


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