Life Lately…

Country Life

I’m currently on day 3 of being confined to barracks with a sickness bug. Being ill is the worst and I’m rubbish at being a grown up about it. I generally just mope and feel sorry for myself under  a blanket whilst somebody brings me cups of tea.

We’re going to the wedding of a wonderful friend on Saturday so I am willing my body to kick into gear and recover in time for that!

The joys of working with children is that, inevitably, you pick up some of their lurgies. Thanks kids.

Lovely New Home

So here are a couple of snapshots of our new place instead of a photo of my (currently grey) face. We’re at the stage of painting tester blobs around everywhere whilst I increasingly lean towards wanting an almost entirely white home…

Any decorating tips would be gratefully received. Are there any wonder products I need before I jump headfirst into the painting?

6 thoughts on “Life Lately…”

  1. Rebecca 🙂 I’m soo curious about your new house!!! It must be adorable!!! I moved in my new tiny apartment last week and I’ve been searching new ideas to decorate it on Pinterest for was so helpful!!!
    The warmest hug ever!!!


  2. My one decorating tip is ignore what all the blogs and magazines say about FrogTape – they must pay everyone a lot of money to say nice things because it’s total shit. Use normal masking tape and save you pennies.


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