New house!

New House 1

We’re finally in our new house! It still definitely feels like we’re playing house but I am loving it. After living here for almost a month we’ve only just got the internet so I’m now ploughing through Pinterest for decorating inspiration. We just need a small lottery win to fund it all now!

It’s so lovely to have our own space, one that’s officially ours rather than rented. Once we start decorating I’ll share some before and after photos of the rooms as they get taken on.

My favourite things so far are:

1: Our kitchen/diner/conservatory space. It’s light and airy and with the help of the record player and bookcase already feels like home!

2: How lovely and welcoming our neighbours (one grumpy man aside) have been.

3: How cosy our little living room is once the fire is on.

4: Our dinky little garden (much more manageable than the 4 lawned monster we had at our last house!)

5: That even when Jonny’s been away I’ve felt safe here on my own (I’m just about used to all the funny noises the house makes during the night now!)

6: That our airing cupboard is so big I can fit in it. Yes, I tried this out by climbing inside it.

Airing Cupboard

I’m so excited to really put our stamp on the place! If you know of any quirky, mid-century style online homeware shops please let me know (I’m almost certainly going to bankrupt us…)

4 thoughts on “New house!”

  1. Yay – congrats on the new house! Part of me is a bit sad I’ll never have that ‘first home’ feeling again, it’s really special. Have fun making it your own!


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