Moving on.

Moving On

I’m currently surrounded by a myriad of boxes, bags and piles of belongings. Our belongings because we’re finally entering the grown up world of being home owners.

If all things go to plan (cross your fingers and toes for us!) we should be completing on our house this Friday, to move next Tuesday.

I’m excited beyond belief at the prospect of having our own space to decorate as we wish after a decade in rented houses/flats/bungalows.

Leaving our current house will be a bittersweet experience, however. It was my Grandad and Nana’s house. There are plants in the garden that my Grandad planted (and which he would check on my progress at keeping them alive!) I have so many happy memories from this house that it’ll be strange to leave it.

Memories of trips to visit Nana & Grandad. Memories of my Grandad having the brightest garden on the street. Memories of the first house that Jonny and I lived in together.

It’s the house we came back to after Christmas 2014, newly engaged. It’s the house I got ready for our wedding day in.

It’ll be odd not to live in the house where so many amazing memories were made. I’m excited for a new chapter now though, in a new house making many more future memories!

A new house which’ll be a HUGE relief to finally get in to after what has felt like months of faff with solicitors. It’ll also be amazing to not be packing anymore. (Jonny is away in the Himalayas with work so I’ve been tackling it alone so far until family reinforcement arrives!)

Any tips for making a house move go smoothly are very gratefully received!


6 thoughts on “Moving on.”

  1. Good luck! There’s nothing quite like owning your own home – even with all the added stress it can bring (not being able to ring a landlord when the boiler breaks is the worst), it’s totally worth it.


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